Saturday, March 31, 2012

Pre-order CAKE & KURMA GIFT SET 2012

BELI 3 FREE 1...


Cara-caranya :
1. Order mana-mana set disini dengan harga RM53.30.
2. Setiap 3 belian (mana-mana set) anda layak untuk menerima 1 set FREE...
3. Sila buat bayaran pendahuluan sebanyak RM50.00 ke dalam akaun yang tertera di tepi skrin.
4. Nyatakan butir-butir transaksi ke emel ( atau pm fb Ct.Deeja. Nyatakn nama penuh, no. IC, no telefon dan alamat dengan lengkap..
5. Penghantaran akan dilakukan pada bulan Ramadhan.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Recap Director Meeting


Agenda - 4/02/2012 

Performance - January 2012
Organisation Sales Rm386,000
Kalau semua achieve their Goals, Org sls forecasted at Rm 500,000
Directors Promote up - 3 ( out of 8 DIQs) Recruits  - 99

GOAL for February 2012
1. Promote Up new directors -targeted - 6 New prom up
2. Recruiting targeted - 150 Recruits
3. 5SD Org Sale- target RM50,000/month
Org Goal Feb2012- given  to all 5SD & AED

TESTIMONY by ALINDA + NORIAH token-ott small

Key activities- Focus
Monthly Directors Meeting next meeting - 3rd Mac 2012
Dir Personal Team Unit Meeting very important, pls do it!
Weekly assemblies Must attent! At least once a mth
Product Training/ internal or HQ will get HQ trainer in Mac & Apr 2012

HANOI - Incentif Trip  4D/3Nights ( NOV 2012 ) Challenge
Period - FEBRUARY - JUNE 2012 - 5 months
Start THIS MONTH ! ACTION NOW! Don’t WAIT………..! Must Achieve SUBSIDY RM1,800, then only you can GO!
Pls buka your Biznet & baca dan print the Fact sheet, kalau tak faham, call me!

upcoming Event 

1. SF 6th Anniversary Bazaar 2012 -  Check hw many CST achieve sls RM500
Bazaar offers Discount up to 40%-70%
jan or feb2012 Not accounted for Sales
Motivate them to achieve!
Venue at Sinar Fahana Date: 4th March 2012 - Sunday ( open SF org ONLY)
Open to all Directors
Open to Consultants who have Pers Sales min Rm500  in January OR February 2012 ( Accumulative Receipts) When they qualify to participate, they can bring 1 guest
Date : 5th - 10th March -Mon - Sun  Open to those (ALL) who come to SF and have purchased min Rm480, they can bring 1 guest

2. FOUNDATION 101- 21/4/2012 - book the ticket, last date 15/03/2012
Rm 50.00, venue wil cfm later

3. February 2012 planner
11/02/2012 - Saturday no assembly, Stock sampai pagi!
18/02/2012- Saturday Mufidah' s Org anisation Meeting- 10.30am
25/02/2012- Saturday Guest Day - 2.30pm-5.00pm Ticket RM10

4. Tpw HQ - Challenges
Another "Nice Surprise" for DIQs February 2012
( Every Directors , pls submit atleast 1 Diq each) ( Fact Sheet will out on the 14/02/2012)

5. SF Challenges - February 2012
Recruiting - 2QR get 1 pc Textured Canister (on going Challenges)

6. Organization Sales Challenges to AEDs & 5SDirectors
Org Sales Chal given individually 5SD challenges
If achieve - get Mod keeper + Mod bowl (2)
If achieve O/S Goal wt DIQ min PTS rm9000 - get one of the RM500 set (can choose)

7. AED Challenges
If achieve O/S goal - get Tall can(green) + Modular Crisper
**For AED & 5SD, pls challenge your other downline Directors to 3 Star Directors,  how much you want them to do, in order enable you to achieve your Goal given. Please monitor, motivate & work with them closely. 
DIR to Star Directors Challenges Dir PTS achieve > rm 6000, get token

8. Recognition- jan 2012
Dir - Star Dir - AED -Goal Achievers   ( Refer list of achievers )
DIQ 1st Mth - RM6,000 - double sq
M Syafik/Nor Rizam
Noor Ziha/ Ku Fauziah
 DIQ accomplish Rm14,000- Serving Center
 Junainah Johari/Alinda 
 Noor Ziha/ Ku fauziah
 Dir wt DIQ 1st mth wt PTS > 20000- FM Large 5L Alinda
Dir wt DIQ 1st mth wt PTS > 10000- FM Large 3.1L
Ku Fauziah ,Nor Rizam & Maizatulakmam
 !!! Information !!!
Roadshow  Can stiill apply but without Sign up gift Refer e-mail fr Ying- HQ
Opportunities Hours  Will be conducted once a week
Directors has chosen - every Wednesday 5.30-6.30pm Will inform later - when will start

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Tupperware use & care


Dry with a soft cloth before putting containers away in cabinets or shelves. To keep containers air-fresh, store them without

Hot Beverages / Liquids / Food
Allow beverage in container to cool before handling or applying the seal.
Hot liquids such as oil, cooking grease or hot foods containing fat (e.g. soup or sauces) should be cooled before placing them in the container.

Removing Stains
Baking soda paste is ideal for stain removal or getting rid of any stickiness

Cuts & Scratches
Avoid using sharp utensils, abrasive cleaners or strong undiluted detergents. Use only mild detergents and a
soft sponge. To remove oily substances, wash with warm water.

Tupperware products are not designed for cooking and therefore are not recommended for use in a microwave oven
except for TupperWave Stack Cooker, Rock 'N Serve and CrystalWave reheatable products.

avoid reheating certain foods, especially those with high fat or sugar content, as these foods can become very hot and
causes damage to your containers.

Reheating tomato or chili-based sauces and foods may cause staining as a result of natural foods colourants found in many vegetables.

Do not use reheatable products:
  • In the conventional oven   
  • On the stove   
  • Under a grill   
  • In convection microwave ovens with conventional settings.

Unpleasant Odours   
  • Seal either a piece of charcoal or stuff newspaper in the container  
  • Clean seals and container with baking soda paste 
  • Coat inside surface with lemon juice and water then rinse   
  • Clean with mixture of vinegar and water  
  • Open container when not in use.


Saturday, December 31, 2011

Tupperware Lifetime Warranty

 Tupperware Lifetime Warranty

For over 50 years, we at Tupperware Brands have proudly backed our products with a Lifetime Guarantee so you can buy with confidence. All Tupperware products carried under the Tupperware Trademarks are guaranteed by Tupperware Brands to perform under normal domestic use for the lifetime of the product. We will replace, free of charge, any Tupperware product, or any part that, under normal domestic use, shows a manufacturing defect.

Consultants can bring their Tupperware Products to any authorised Business Centre for warranty replacements.

Covered By The Tupperware Lifetime Guarantee
Tupperware products are guaranteed by the Company against cracking, warping, peeling and chipping under normal domestic use.

There may be instances where the Company no longer carries parts or products that are brought in for replacement. Under such circumstances the Company will provide alternative parts or products that offer similar functionalities and of similar value to the parts or product brought in. The Company reserves the right to accept and/or to reject alternative product choices proposed by the Consultant and/or customers for a product replacement.

Condition for alternative product warranty replacement :
  • Where a part is no longer available, all other components or parts that make the product complete must be brought in for replacement, even though these parts are in good condition ( seals, base, handle, spout, etc )
  • The alternative product choosen for warranty replacement should be an item from our regular catalogue at the stated price.
  • If the alternative product used for warranty replacement is lesser in value, there will be no refunds.
  • If the alternative product used for warranty replacement is higher in value, the consultant or customer will be required to pay for the difference in value. This is called top-up value.
  • The top-up value for the replaced product will not be included for commisions and bonuses under the Tupperware Business Plan or any other awards

Certain products in our catalogue are marked with the "Q" symbol. These are not covered by the Lifetime Guarantee but are still guaranteed by Tupperware Brands to be free from manufacturing defects. They will be replaced, if defective, provided they are returned in accordance with Product Return & Replacement policies and procedures.

The following products are marked with the "Q" symbol:
  • TupperChef Stainless Steel Cookware 
  • Multipurpose Shears 
  • Can Openers